Easy way to control cost in AWS using Python

As you start moving workloads to the AWS cloud and opening access to developers you will see you AWS cost increase every month without controls in place.

The best way to control and have a charge back model in place is to use AWS tags. You can have tags assigned to different departments like Marketing, Research, Finance, etc. Now, if instances are created without proper tags you can have a program stop the instances.

You accomplish two objectives with this approach. First, you find out who is creating instances outside the processes you have put in place. Second, you get allocate charges to the correct departments.

To run the following code you need

  • AWS cli tools installed
  • Configure AWS keys via cli
  • Python3 installed
  • Import the boto3 library

#! /usr/bin/env python3
This program terminate instances if proper tag is not used
import time
import boto3
start_time = time.time()
ec2 = boto3.resource('ec2')
ec2_client = boto3.client('ec2')
tag_deparment = ['Finance', 'Marketing', 'HumanResources', 'Research'] # Your departments
shutdown_instance = False
for instance in ec2.instances.all():
instance_state = instance.state['Name']
if instance_state == ('running' or 'pending'):
for tags in instance.tags:
for department in tag_deparment:
if tags['Value'] == department:
shutdown_instance = False
shutdown_instance = True
print('The following instance will be shutdown', instance.id, 'Shutdown = ', shutdown_instance)
if shutdown_instance is True:
InstanceIds = [instance.id],
Force = True

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