How to add a second interface to specific EC2 instances using Python3

AWS offers a lot of  different SDKs to configure resources in AWS. This means that you can use your favorite language to code against AWS API like Java Ruby, C++, etc. In my case I decided to use Python3 because of the Boto3 library.

I decided to use Boto3 because it provides a low level API to connect to AWS resources. Also the library is pretty well document and you can find the reference documents here. For this exercise I also decided to write the code in Python3, the only downfall of this decision is that I would not be able to utilize AWS Lambda functions because it only supports Python2.7

Why you may need to attach a second interface to a EC2 instance ?

  • Secure network connectivity in a n-tie design like a DMZ zone
  • To have public and external interface
  • To segregate network traffic
  • For monitoring traffic


Steps you need to take before running the code

  • Install the AWS cli tools
  • Configure authentication to your AWS account using the AWS cli tools
  • install Python3
  • Know what security group needs to attached to
  • Import the the boto3 library using pip


Program considerations

  • Every AMI has an ownerID. Make sure you add that to the code so you affect AMI that are not supposed to be modify.
  • Make sure you have subnets available on the VPC and Availability Zone.
  • Make sure to target correct instances. on the following code I target all running instances.
  • Make sure you know the security group that needs to be attached to second ENI



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