How to install Windows 2016 TP4 on physical hardware

  1. You need to download the media from here
  2. After you have downloaded the ISO you need to create an USB bootable ISO. Rufus software did the trick and it can be downloaded here
  3.  rufus
  4. After to have create the USB bootable ISO, connect the USB to the host
  5. Turn on the server and make sure you boot into USBCapture1
  6. I would highly recommend to start playing with the version with NO GUI. I would not surprise if in less than 3 years Windows Server will be  not offer any GUI at all
  7. After the installation is done is time to choose a passwordpasswordpasswordChange
  8. One of the first gotchas  after you login  if you do not pay attention is that the default shell is still cmd not PowerShell. So in order to get into a PowerShell runspace type “powershell.exe” shell.JPG

The way you know you are on PowerShell is by the leading PS before C:\

That is all you need to install the basic OS. It took me around 7 minutes to install the OS, and now it is ready to be configured with different roles such as AD, Hyper-V, IIS, DNS, etc

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