PowerShell DSC WMF 5.0 or WMF 4.0

This is an old post please Read the improvements on WMF 5.0 Production preview



I am writing this short post to give you my opinion if should manage the LCM and create MOF using PowerShell 5.0 and or PowerShell 4.0

PowerShell 5.0 has some pretty cool features but it really only works if you have installed PowerShell 5.0 on the servers that you manage. If you look at the LCM configuration it would tell you what version supports. The MOF you create on PS 5.0 would not work if you are running PS 4.0 in the servers. Keep it simple for now until Microsoft officially releases PS5.0 for Windows 2008 R2 and above, create MOF with PS 4.0 to manage PS 4.0 and create MOF with PS 5.0 to manage servers with PS 5.0

What I started doing whatever MOF i create with PS4.0 i go ahead and create the equivalent on PS 5.0 so when that is officially release i am just have to upgrade the servers to WMF 5.0 and  push the new LCM configuration to the servers. When playing with WMF 5.0 make sure you are using the February preview release.


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