Windows vs Linux

In some  dual environments where Linux and Windows servers are deployed and if Linux is where the money making application reside most likely your servers are treated as the red headed step child. I have work in many companies that this is the case and they really do not trust Windows servers to run real applications because is an API based OS.

I think we are at the beginning of era  that Windows servers can really overtake Linux environments specially with Windows server 2016. However, this is only to happen if we are smart about it and get out of our comfort zones and  finally Microsoft is giving us the tools like open SSH, PowerShell to be successful.

You would need to  take  the following steps to make sure you position Windows as the platform of choice

  1. No more GUI make sure you manage all your servers using PowerShell and PowerShell remoting
  2. Decommission all your Windows 2003 boxes. If the application does not exist anymore and nobody knows what to do with it, it is your job as engineer to look for an alternative.
  3. have you heard about everything is about location, location location. I would say source control, source control, source control. Having your scripts on you sever and using VSS is not source control. I would recommend looking into GIT but there are more options.
  4. Make sure Windows is a secure platform. Make sure you have a patching cycle in place and this point i would argue that Windows is more secure than Linux at least patches get release every month.
  5. Make sure to have a fast turn around. If somebody has to wait more than a week for server  VM something went wrong.
  6. Automate as much as you can every minute saved you will be utilize that minute in something else and save the company money.
  7. Remove the GUI from the servers.
  8. Start looking into Sever Nano now. Yes now by the time is release next year you should really understand how to to manage it.
  9. Stop testing code in production. if your company don’t have the concept of DEV, QA, UAT, Production, change the process and if you can not change the process leave.

Make sure your management understands and knows how Windows servers work nowadays they may not being informed on what has happened the last 5 years. Make sure they get information, it is your job at the end of the day.

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