Day 1 Microsoft Ignite

Total number  attendees  based on Microsoft 23,000 people. That is very impressive and just think about the logistics of organizing an event like. Just to organize the chair for the keynote took them two days.

The Expo is pretty impressive it looks like 4 football fields put together and there are a lot of people here. I got to meet face to face Jeff Snover, Don Jones, Ed Wilson and Steve Murawski. And to be honest with you they are  down to earth people and like to get feedback.

But let’s talk about what is new and what challenges we may have in our environments.

1. Azure Stack: If you love the Azure portal now you will be able to manage your servers on premises the same way. It will work with VMware and Hyper-v. Seems that is going to be vendor neutral but it will need to sit on top of a hypervisor. Promising technology that would empower and developers to do more.

2. Nano Server: Less than 500 MB and that is impressive. But what is more impressive is that you may require to reboot it only 3 times a year to patch. The surface of attack is so small that most of last year security updates  did not apply to Nano. The downside is that right now only support hyper-v, clustering, file share and DNS. I think they need to work on Active Directory and other technologies.

Nano will not work for everybody because it does not have full functionality of PowerShell, it will ship with a smaller WMF 5.0

3. CHEF: This a interesting solution for DSC. I have been having problems keeping tracks of guids, checksum, etc. CHEF is that configuration manager tools that would help IT pros maintain nodes. It is going to give you compliance reporting, manage all your MOF, etc. Now if you go with CHEF you can write DSC resources of CHEF recipes. However, the node would only understand a CHEF recipe or a DSC resource because if you are using a CHEF recipe it will need to shutdown the LCM

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