PowerShell DSC Introduction

For this first blog regarding I want to keep it short and give you  my first experience with DSC. The first thing I did was playing with a push server using WMF 5.0 without really knowing any technical details. What I end up doing was pretty simple make sure the Windows Backup feature was always present. This was so easy to setup following documentation online and  it took maybe 2 hours to get it up and running and testing.

Something that simple open my eyes on what declarative configuration can do for an environment besides drift management

  1. The obvious, make sure the server configuration always look the same
  2. It can be use as a checkout tool to make sure all the severs built look the same
  3. Documentation for internal purposes and also external
  4. Your own documentation

These just a few ideas that came to mind but that was not the really. Do not get my wrong that was cool but what really blow up my mind was how easy was to setup, configure a manage Linux hosts.

Yes, Linux host let me just mention that my Linux knowledge in scale between 1 to 10 is 0. What O I  end up doing was making sure a text file was always present with some text inside and it took me maybe 2 hours to figure out the configuration. At the end of the day Linux hosts are a glorify text files.

It is a technology that should start playing with because I believe is going to change the landscape on the IT field for Windows Hosts. I know the technology is not new but PowerShell makes it easier to create and apply MOF because you do not really need to learn a new programming language

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