Can you really learn PowerShell ?

Let me started with statement ” Before we finish this decade you will not be able to do any management of a Windows server using the GUI”

So, is it really late to start learning PowerShell?  I do not think is really late but if you are managing Windows servers by clicking and still running batch files to some sort of basic task you are failing way behind from your peers. Now, I know what are you thinking how do I start? The answer is rather simple, every time you feel compel to click on something do a web search and type  “cmdlet to do xxxxxx”. I will not get into any details in the post about PowerShell.

Let me give you a real life example. Lets say our task is to restart a service called “DNS Client” on a Windows 2008 R2   server.

  1. Go to your favorite web search engine
  2. Type Cmdlet to restart DNS service on a server
  3. Any of the three top pages will give you good examples
  4. So you will need to open a PowerShell as an administrator in your lab server
  5. now you will need to type restart-service -Name Dnscahe
Restart-Service -Name Dnscache

If this was just first time doing something in PowerShell it was hard was is not it ? It was hard because you were trying to figure out how to use the shell and why you were getting some red errors, that is normal. Remember, every human learn to roll, crawl, walk and run, the same concept apply when learning PowerShell.

Let me give you a little background about myself. Before PowerShell I have never done any real scripting; I did play with batch files and some visual basic but nothing serious. My real scripting experience came when I start using PowerShell, so my point is very simple if I was able to learn PowerShell so do you. Don’t be afraid and make sure you invest in your career.

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